Magical Forest


Ever wondered what it's like to take care of a unicorn? How about a three-headed Cerberus dog? You'll look after these wondrous creatures and more in Magical Forest, an upcoming title from 3 Blokes Studios and iWin that combines elements of monster ranching, Virtual Villagers-style resource management and real-time strategy in a fantasy-themed package.

The Magical Forest is home to many wonderful creatures, but it's in danger of being destroyed by the Chainmaw Logging Company.
In order to save the forest you must raise 1,000,000 gold pieces to buy it back from the loggers.

Before that can happen, however, you'll need to discover all the different species that live in the forest so that you can raise the creatures and sell the resources they produce to raise the cash.

System requirements:
* Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
* DirectX 7
* 1 GHz
* 256 MB RAM


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