Rock Tour Tycoon World Tour 2008

With hard work comes experience... and fame! Rock Tour Tycoon plunges you into the cut-throat world of the music industry. Here is your chance to work with a local band that has the potential to hit it big and race to the top of the charts.

It won't be easy... Along the way you will run into greedy club owners, moody band members, random injuries, and falling record sales.


* Take charge of a local band and learn what it takes to become a player in the industry
* Outfit your band with the latest guitars, drum sets, and sound equipment
* Promote your band with flyers, radio ads, posters, websites,billboards, and tv commercials
* Negotiate your terms with coffee shops, club owners, and stadium promoters throughout the world
* Hire and fire band members who are under-performing or causing problems on the road
* Watch your band play live and find out what your fans have to say...


Part 1 | Part 2
Password: SupperDupper

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