The Sim 2 - Open For Business

The Sims 2 charges you with guiding virtual people through nearly every minute detail of their simulated, suburban lives, ranging from when to use the bathroom to who to marry. But one task that has always been a big, black hole in Maxis' suburban-lifestyle simulation is work. Yes, your sims can flourish in a multitude of job paths, becoming filthy, stinking rich in the process, but the actual work is purely theoretical, and you never see them lift a finger. Open for Business, the third expansion pack for The Sims 2, adds an entrepreneurial edge to the action, letting you start your own business. Putting your sims to work may not sound initially enthralling, but Open for Business makes the daily grind plenty engaging, with the same quirky flair that series fans know and love.

All you need to start your own business is a phone, an open/close sign, and possibly a cash register, the latter two of which represent just a few of the new items that Open for Business introduces. You can use your sim's house phone or computer to start up the business, hire employees, and buy and sell real estate. If you're starting a fresh sim, though, you might opt to first run your business out of the home, since buying and operating a commercial lot can be expensive. The open/close sign makes it easy to call in and send away customers and employees, and the cash register is necessary if you're in the business of selling goods, though there are plenty of businesses that can be done without one.


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