Miss Management

PC Game | Action/Puzzle | 21Mb

The Game Get ready to manage a team of zany animated coworkers as you step into the shoes of Denise, a young and beleagured first-time office manager. You'll have to juggle incoming work tasks, keep everyone from getting stressed out, and help the coworkers achieve their goals, from flirting at the watercooler to getting more work done than anyone else! Office politics was never as hilarious as this!
The Design: The original version of this game, titled WORK, masqueraded as a desktop interface, as if the entire thing took place as you sat at your computer in an office. The final version of the game is quite different, but retains a lot of the humorous intentions of the initial idea. In some ways, Miss Management is an interactive sitcom, with a small cast of characters who that appears before each level to banter with each other and set up the gameplay challenge for that level.

  • Play through thirty episodes of office-comedy hijinx, with different goals to achieve in every episode.
  • Eleven different employees, each with their own personality quirks, skills, likes and dislikes, and hilarious storyline.
  • Watch office politics, rivalries and romance unfold across more than forty animated sitcom-style scenes starring the whole cast.
  • Juggle four colors of work tasks, a dozen types of power-ups, and nine kinds of office furniture, to get the job down without total burnout!


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